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"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

- Confucius


Coaching Services

Executive coaching is today the most widely used leadership development technique by respected organisations. This uniquely challenging and yet supportive process is known to have a lasting impact on the individuals who participate in it, on the larger organisation of which they are a part and on the organisational's financial bottom line.


Ultimately it's about improving your performace - by developing your skills, confidence and focus. It's also about helping you identify the right career path and then help you make the transition into your new role. Working together, you will identify the most powerful actions required to move you towards the career you desire.

My one-to-one style of coaching is tailored around the specific needs of the client. Normally I work with:

  • Senior Leaders and professionals who either want to make a much bigger impact at work or want to identify their next career move

  • Individuals who have arrived at an impasse

  • Individuals who feel unhappy with what they are doing and/or are not sure how to move on

  • Graduates launching themselves into the labour market who need career guidance

What does the program consist of?


A coaching program will typically address the following initiatives: 

  • Ensuring top performance at all times

  • Gaining insight of what is important to you

  • Discovering your preferences and strengths  

  • Exploring your career options and create a strategy on how to make the leap to the next level in your career

  • Examining the competencies that are required in order to expand or take on a new role, within or outside of a current organisation

  • Eliminating any self-limiting beliefs, fear or anxieties you might have and build the right level of confidence required

  • Ensuring that your career is compatible with your beliefs and values

  • Ensuring that your career provides the right balance across all aspects of life in line with your expectations


What’s in it for YOU?


This is all about YOU and what is important to you. During coaching you will have the time and space to reflect on how you are doing, what you are doing, how to do it better and how to eliminate any frustrations, doubts or other negative emotions. Finally you will move on to explore what possible and realistic options are available to you.


That’s right ! You can VISUALISE what you want at this point in your career, be in CONTROL of it and have a clear PATH to get it.