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 Coaching for Organisations



Today leading organisations understand the need to retain high potential employees. Supporting them develop a solid career path, that is in line with the company’s long term business plan, is a clear demonstration of the company’s genuine interest in the development of their employees whilst recognising the value they bring to the organisation.


In this respect, I can offer your organisation coaching and career development services that will give your top talent the opportunity to unlock their potential. Services range from supporting new executives coming from outside the organisation during their on-boarding stage as well as supporting talented executives within the organisation enabling them to enhance their performance, plan and develop their career.


Assignments may include:

  • ‘First 90 days’ coaching for newly recruited employees to enable them to make a fast impact in the business

  • Coaching for individuals who would like to build their competencies and/or clarify their career plans

  • Coaching for individuals who wants to sustain top performance

  • 360 degrees feedback process allowing Individuals to gain a better understanding about how they are being perceived within the organisation.

  • Training HR employees and line managers in how to conduct effective career conversations with their staff.

All of the above mentioned programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual and of the organisation and can be held either in-house or off-site.

Outplacement Services for Organisations



Many organisations are today modifying their business model to become more competitive and sustainable in the long term. During this process, employees may be asked to depart the organisation or separate from it, based on an agreed parting of the ways.


In order for you to be able to concentrate on the future of your business, I can work with your organisation and provide a range of outplacement and career transitioning services. These are designed to provide individual clients with practical and emotional support that is needed to help them transition into a new role as quickly as possible.


During an assignment the client is supported throughout the whole process of career transitioning. In short, the process involves:

  • Confidence- and Resilience- Building at a time of personal uncertainty

  • Evaluating one’s career orientation

  • Setting a focus about their next role

  • Defining a job hunting strategy followed by an action plan (application tools, interviewing, networking)

  • Supporting transition into a new role

Organisations benefit providing outplacement services by:

  • Providing a genuine support to employees facing redundancy

  • Maintaining the morale of those witnessing the redundancy and

  • Providing professional support to HR and respective line managers during a delicate phase.

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